A better way to connect a Trio+ to your HT Amp

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If you are lucky enough to get your feet on the Digitech Trio Plus (Trio+), you may be a bit miff'ed at the connection diagrams that all show Amp connections to the Amps input. The last thing I want to do is hear drums and a bass through my OD channel. Or, re-amp the loop I just put in the looper. Yes, I could have the drums, bass and loops go to a mixer and PA, but not having a PA handy and the speakers connected to my mixer cannot compete with my HT-40, I thought I would share a better way to connect it all up. The connections maybe obvious after seeing this - why Digitech did not publish this in their manual I cannot not say.

I use my great HT-40's clean channel for, well cleans of course as well as crunch and the OD channel for gain and more gain. Having the Trio+ add drums and bass to these great tones is... (not sure how to finish this thought)!

If you don't know the Trio+ has an effect loop on it (the Trio does not). This makes it possible to connect this way. You will need your Amps loop level set to the stomp box setting.

Simple Connection:
Guitar -> Trio+ Guitar In -> Trio+ FX Send -> Amp In -> Amp Loop Send -> Trio+ FX Return -> Trio+ Amp Out -> Amp Loop Return

The Trio+ will send the guitar signal to its FX loop and then to its looper memory. The drums, bass and loops are then put on the Amp Out connector. So, when connected in the Simple Connection configuration above, your Amps great channel tones end up in the mix with the drums, bass and loops then sent to the power amp. In this configuration everything will sound great until you start over driving your power tubes/valves. If you are relying on power amp distortion, then this will not help you - Sorry. As long as you do not put any effects before the Trio+ it is always getting an uneffected guitar signal and can freely learn learn the parts.

I made the connection diagram below by editing the Amp Connection diagram in the Trio+ manual. I added a Tuner and OD pedal to the drawing in the config that I am using it in.
Trio+AmpLoopConnections-small.png (83.53 KiB) Viewed 16370 times
For the record, I did send this to Digitech Support to see if they had any concerns about making the connections this way. They see no issues. I am also not affiliated with Digitech (so be nice), however I do own some of their products. Why post this here - I love my Blackstar Amp and wanted to share how I have made these connections to get the most out of your amps and the Trio+ if you have or get one.

Side note: I do have the Trio as well. I have always used it in the loop but needed to use a clean signal to teach the Trio the song part. With the Trio+ and the connections done this way, I can have/hear the sound I want when teaching it the song parts.

Side side note: I have not enabled the Trio+'s on board effects, so I have no idea how that will sound in the this config. I can if anyone cares to know.

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You're a genius! I recently bought a Trio+ and I wanted to get my tube amp's distortion in the looper while keeping the bass and drums clean. I tried to put the Trio+ in the effects loop of the amp but it didn't work because the Trio wouldn't detect the guitar. Now, with your diagram, it just works! I liked it so much that I took the trouble of registering just to leave this comment. :) Thank you!

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