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Sun May 31, 2015 2:41 am

I purchased an HT 100 bout a year and a half ago. Love it. Sounds great. Had a problem, brought it to get fixed under warranty, no problem. Then I get a problem with no sound. Bring it in again, it works fine. Bring it home it works fine for a while. Then again no sound. Bring it in again. Works fine. I find out there is a feature where the mp won't turn on unless everything is plugged in. Fine. Bring it home works here and there. Sometimes i forget to plug in my guitar. It states that it should turn on once a guitar i plugged in. It does not do that. I've had it with this. I just want to plug in and play. I'm sick of thinking something is wrong then i take it to get fixed, only to find out it works. Yet when i bring it home i still have problems, even when everything is hooked up right. I always let the amp warm up as well. If i forget to plug my guitar in before i turn it on, then why after i turn it off then back on, is there still no sound. I'm beyond angry at this point!!!!!!

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Bizzarre. Have they explained to you what was wrong with the amp? I have an HT100 head that I used for a couple of years, and I've never had a problem with it. I use a different amp now, but held on to the HT head as a backup because it has been reliable. I unfortunately do not have any advice for you, other than to take it back to the tech. Good luck.

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So you've brought it to this tech at least three times and he hasn't fixed it...

Is he the one who told you that there's a "feature where the amp won't turn on unless everything is plugged in"? That's simply not true. There is a load protection feature that will protect the output transformer if you don't plug a cab into the amp...but it will not prevent you from powering on. As a matter of fact, the amp is designed to power on like you can use the amp through the emulated output without a cab connected. It also makes no difference if there is a guitar plugged in or not.

You need a new tech. Find someone who will actually diagnose the issue for you and not make up excuses.

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Your tech is right. There is a soft standyby switch inside at the jack input which is very buggy. I have the same issue with my Blackstar HT-20. Its a faulty product design which has not been fixed by Blackstar.

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Did your issue ever get solved? I have the same problem. Should have sold the damn thing before it happened. First experience with Blackstar crap.

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Going from the Original ht 100 you have to have a guitar cable plugged into the input to power the tubes. I found this out when biasing that amp as that connection when plugged in is what turns on the power to the tubes.

Try plugging into the return jack in the effect loop (Which the efx loop could need a cleaning as that will also produce the same issue, or just plug in a small 1/4 inch cable in the efx loop) and have another guitar cable in the input in the front of the amp.

Plug a guitar through the efx loop return cable and see if theres sound. If there is, the problem is with the preamp so check the preamp tubes or replace them.

From the back of the amp, v1 is on the left and is only for the clean channel. V2 is on the right and is for the distortion channels only.

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