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Dynochrome wrote:I have just finished up a few really nice cables that switch a HT60 via 3x 1/4 TS Momentary Clean/OD/OD2 (or boost). I left Reverb out because I like it better than anything in my Gmajor2.(It could be added easy enough though.)

They work on systems like a Voodoo labs GCX or anything that outs 1/4" momentary.
(although when tested latching worked properly also) The amp switches momentary and given a choice I'd leave it that way. Thanks to the members here that helped me figure the whole deal out.

Best part is they're made for much less than interface manufacturers wanted for one!

If I had a voodoo labs switcher with midi pin connector (not midi control) I would have wired up the DB9 to that as it is much neater/compact/less stuff to break & plug in.
Hey Dynochrome,

could U be so helpfull and sent some spec?? Ive got Blackstar HT 100, G Major 2 and FCB1010 as a controller and for sure U know my problem. I want to control amp channel thru fcb. I'm not a tapdancer or engineer ;)
Pls help me if U can, cause im my beautiful country no one can advice me :(


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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and need your help. Can anyone send me a diagram/pinout to make db9 pin to midi cable? I emailed cadblaster without any results but I see all posts here were made over 2 years and perhaps no one checking them anymore lol. Anyway, if someone can help me with that cable I will really appreciate it!

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Ive never built a custom cable before, but im sure it cant be much more than some solo and soldering.

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