Ht stage 60 valve blown after 30 hours of playing

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Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:34 am

An ECC82 is a 12au7 so it's not really meant to GET gain, per se, but to lessen is (As opposed to a 12AX7, which is what you'd use to get more gain in most applications). Still, a JJ against the stock (And, to me, against anything else. I'm partial to JJs) is great. If you want the clean to stay cleaner, higher, a 12au/ay/at is the better choice, or for earlier breakup in either channel, 12ax7s.

There are higher gain versions of 12ax7s (TungSol, etc.) as well and high performance JJ 12ax7s that might breakup earlier, but for my money, a GT, or JJ Standard 12ax7 (EC883) is the best you can find.

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