HT-50 & Artisan 212??

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I have been looking into getting my first tube amp and since I am new to tube amp heads, cabinets, and how they connect in general; I was hoping someone could help answer my questions. I'm interesting in getting the HT-50 with a 2x12 speaker cab that has celestion vintage 30s, so my first consideration was the Blackstar Artisan 212 cab. I tried to do my own research on ohms and output jacks of 1x8, 1x16, 2x16, mono, or stereo, but honestly I just confused myself more. Anyway, as simple as they may be, here are my questions. Better safe than sorry right? lol

1) In terms of Ohms. How would the Artisan connect to the HT-50 properly? Amp: 1x8ohms -> 8ohm mono (right jack on the cab) ?

2) Has anyone tried this combo? How was it compared to other cabs/speakers?

3) Are there any other 2x12 cabs that you would recommend?


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8 ohm output of the amp into the mono input of the Artisan cab will be fine. I haven't tried that cab, but I run my HT-20 through an Orange PPC212 OB, which is also an open-back cab with V30s, and I think it sounds superb. If you'd prefer a closed-back cab (metal player?) with V30s then the Harley-Benton ones sold by Thomann are very good value. (If you're in the US then ignore the Thomann bit!)

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Well that is good then. Thanks for the information.

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How did you make out with this venture?
I have the Club 50 head playing through the htv 2x12" but I have been thinking of getting the Artisan 2x12" for those v30 speakers.
Would like to know how your experience was...

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