can midi control ht100?

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Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:56 am

I've just bought my HT 100 and I would like to control it using Midi.
I would like to know if anybody has experience with the RJM Amp Gizmo or Mini Amp Gizmo to adapt the footswitch of the HT 100 to receive Midi commands.
So far the only option that I've found in the market is this one.
Is it good?
Is there any other unit that does that?


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Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:58 pm

I'm not familiar with the HT100, but several people have had success with the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher and the HT 40 and 60 Mk ii amps using this with External Switch mode.

EDIT: I am able to switch channels with the box on my HT60MKii with no problems. It's not as full featured as the FS-14 5 button, but I am able to switch voices on the clean channel and switch between clean, OD1, and OD2 from my Boss ES5 and the Voodoo Control Switcher.

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