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Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:15 am

When the power is turned on and a minute after the standby mode is turned off, the channel light refuses to light when a guitar is inserted. In essence, it is as if it does not detect any guitar and does not turn on the channels. Turn off the power and turn it on a few times, leading to the channels lit up, but at a random time after switching on the power (5 to 10 minutes later), and when they do, they are gone. The lamp will alternate between both clean (warm and bright) modes for no reason, and if I press brittle mode, it will activate some other channels for a while before switching to random channels somehow. While a channel is active, the amplified sound will actually emit from the speaker.
Does anyone have a similar problem? Can it be "corrected" by a local technology, or is it simply a dead amp?
I was a little afraid that some production batches might be dirty and I didn't want to receive a similar one as a replacement. Hope the agent is comprehensive ...

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