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Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:43 am

i dont understand why they put an effects loop on the 100W and the 150W but not the ID core 20 and 40W amps
makes no sense at all because anyone wanting to practice with a looper simply cant do it unless they buy the 100 or 150W amps and nobody sits and practices with amps like that.

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Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:45 am

I could not agree more...

The HT1 is near perfect for so many.

Pefection would be a HT1 with an fx loop.....

"Marshall did their DSL1 with an FX loop so Blackstar would be really f**king stupid if they were to do a 2nd iteration and still omitted an fx loop." I told myself....

What did we get when they did the MKII for the HT-1 line??????

USB out....... :?:

Yep sure, it's probably and amazing USB out, some may have been hoping for it, nothing is better than additional circuitry that can cause the whole amp to fail if it were to have fault right? (I doubt it)

Let's do a bit of logical product design.....

How easy is it for a user to record the HT1 via other USB interfaces if we didn't add the usb out?
VERY EASY - most have one and would just use the line out thats in the MK1.

How easy is it for a user to install their own FX loop in to their new HT1 so when on HIGH GAIN they can actually use their delay pedals?

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