Blackstar HT40 Hum Problems

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Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:31 am

If you still continue to get to much of a hum after bringing it in. You could buy one of these.
They work pretty well. Plus they are always handy to have in the bag just in case. Especially in those certain Bars. :lol: ... term=hum_x

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I noticed most posts were dated this year, regarding hum problems. It's likely a Chinese built amp. IMHO, I owned an HT40Venue amp (whisper quiet, by the way) and sold it, not knowing that Blackstar moved production from Korea to China! I was unaware of this until I bought a Series One, that sounded awful. Sent it back. Then I ordered an HTClub50 Head, an the reverb dark/light switch didn't function. So, while boxing this amp up to send back, I saw it. Those horrible 5 letters. Not KOREA, but made in CHINA! I am now having two companies that have some Korea made amps in stock. One is an HT40, which by the way was whisper quiet. No hum whatsoever! Now I have to make a decision. Do i buy the HT40 or the HT50Club head? Both made in Korea. The Chinese made BS are junk! Had I known they were moving production to China, I would never ever had sold that sweet HT40! Even some Blackstar dealers were sending me thank you messages about informing them of this. And guess who distibutes Blackstar amps now? Korg! Really? It would be nice for the guys who were my new audio heros to inform us musicians about their move. I guess their early success wasn't enough to satisfy these guys, so to further maximize their profits, they moved to obviously get cheaper labor, inferior components, and it sucks! I guess if they didn't inform their authorized dealers, why tell us? After all, we are who made them successful, for buying their products. I've searched the internet, and came across a small paragraph in January 2014, where Blackstar mentioned that they had recently moved production to China. I bet you guys that are having issues with your amps, probably have the Chinese made ones. Look at the back of your amp. Please post your replies, comments. When I do find that sound in my head, matter of fact, I'm seriously thinking about going broke and buy the HT40 and the Club50Head, because when those Korean amps are gone, there will be no more. The sound in our heads is now the deception in the heads of the Blackstar guys. We should all unite as musicians, and as korny as it sounds, the Twisted Sister anthem We're Not Gonna Take It! and boycott Blackstar. If I had gotten stuck with a Chinese BS, I'd demand a Korean model, especially under the warranty period. Oh yeah, back when I first got my real HT40, if I had a question, I would email BS tech support or customer service and get a reply within 24 hrs., now they don't even respond at all! Speak up, guitar slingers, give me some input. Give BS some hell. If it ain't broke, leave it alone! Don't try and fix it. used to be my homepage, now it's like a slap in the face to look at it.
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I'm new here so I posted some info, that you're likely not aware of. Anyway, I posted as a reply to Blackstar HT
40 Hum Problems. How many of you Blackstar amp owners don't know you have a Chinese built amp? Read my first post.

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Hi i bought an HT 50 head and a 212 cab before a week. I was very dissappointed when i saw "made in China".thE button -4/+10 db in the back doesn't work.I don't know what is gonna happen in the future .. I hope i won't have any more problems.

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Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:57 am

The -4/+10 button is only for the loop, changing the gain of effects used in the loop. If you have nothing in the loop, or the loop is off, the button will do nothing, that's normal.

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[Yes, mine is also made in China. Actually my 3rd HT Club 40. Blackstar replaced the first two because they were junk and had major issues from. The first developed problems within the first month and ended up in the shop for 2 1/2 months before I got it back. 2nd one lasted about 3 months then that had to go in the shop. The 3rd, (the one I have now), worked well for about a year then that too had to go into the shop. Now it's no longer under warranty and still has issues... WTF??. Most UNDEPENDABLE amplifier I have ever owned and I've been playing for 46 Years. Love the sound but never know if it's going to make it through a whole night of gigging! Should've stuck with Fender and Marshall. Thank God I do have a Fender for backup.

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Sorry to post in such an old thread... just stumbled upon this. Just got an HT 40. I assume the hum described is with the amp on, but guitar volume at zero (or not guitar plugged in at all).

Just want to make sure I know what to listen for.

PS - got the HT 40 this past weekend. Made in China on the back. No issues so far *cross-fingers*

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Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:37 am

2 weeks to get power tubes????

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Alright - have had my HT Club 40 for about 5 days now. Played it about 1-2 hrs a day since getting it. I hear a "hiss", like white noise, and wondering if this is just normal. Seems to come from speaker but hard to say. It's definitely NOT a hum or buzz. It's faint at my playing levels in the house. Can hear it with volume off on the guitar (so not pickup noise - I use an SG with humbuckers anyways) and it gets louder as I crank the gain knob or master volume to full (just wanted to see if constant or increased with gain/volume).

Thoughts? Does this sound like just normal amp noise, or that is something wrong with it?

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Update: I just talked to a tech at the shop and he says it's completely normal. It's all coming from the preamp side. They had a DSL40C there that had this same white noise but was louder yet, so I'm not worried anymore. It's not a buzz or hum. Simply white noise. Now on to enjoying this wickedly awesome HT 40!!

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