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So I'm still saving up for a new amplifier which as of right now I have my sights set on an Orange OR15 with a PPC112.

Though last night I checked Blackstar's website and downloaded the insider software. On my humble little ID: Core 10 I have a single ISF knob to adjust the tone/sound profile. Once I hooked up to my laptop I discovered I was able to access a three band EQ, disable my noise gate, and download patches of other sounds people upload to the online community. Overall I thought it was pretty neat and decided to look into two Blackstar amps.

I was also with my friend at Sam Ash the other day and played a Blackstar ID60TVP. This amplifier is a digital (I guess you could call it modeling amp) that doesn't really try to mimc any specific sounding amp. Rather it has what they call True Valve Power where the digital components try to emulate the sound profile of different tubes. EL84, 6V6, ETC. Also switching on this circuit on the amplifier makes it noticeably louder. However I also looked into a Blackstar HT40 which is in fact a tube amplifier.

What are your guy's opinions on the ID60TVP & the HT40 have you tried them? The ID is no tube amp but it does have some pretty nice sounds and built in effects so no need to use effects pedals. I also visit a friend of mine regularly so if I am gonna get a tube amp I'm worried about possibly breaking the tubes. I don't know how fragile they are never had tube amps before. The online software is really cool though.

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